Friday, March 21, 2008

Record Score - Birthday Edition 3-15-08

Dear Mom & Dad,
This is where those birthday checks go.

This week's score (L-R):
Jackson Conti "Upa Neguinho / Casa Forte" 7" (Kindred Spirits)
- Jackson Conti is Madlib with Mamao from brazilian jazz-funk masters Azymuth.

Lee Mason & His Orchestra "Shady Blue" b/w Jack Arel & Jean-Claude Petit "Psychedelic Portrait" 7" (Jazzman)
- The Lee Mason track is a nice, slower, bluesy funk instrumental but the real reason i got this was for the Jack Arel track. I've had "Psychedelic Portrait" on CD forever since it was featured in The Prisoner TV Show in the extra-trippy episode "The Girl Who Was Death." It's got a HUGE swinging drum break & none of the diggers are up on it because France's Jack Arel was primarily a studio musician and vinyl for his music is ultra-rare. I think my CD version might be slightly longer but it's good to have this on vinyl to screw with all of the real heads.

School Of Language "Rockist Single" 7" (Memphis Industries)
- Tour-only single that I picked up from Thrill Jockey. Interesting cut & paste, indie-rock by David Brewis of Field Music gone solo.

Andrew Hill "Smokestack" Lp (Blue Note)
- NY-USA pressing of Andrew Hill with Richard Davis, Eddie Khan & Roy Haynes

Sleep Walker "Wind (Feat. Yukimi Nagano) / Quiet Dawn" 12" (Especial)
- The only Sleep Walker record I was missing, because it's been sold-out in my previous attempts to grab it. "Wind," with its vocals kind of leans more towards a soft vocal-house ballad, but "Quiet Dawn" is the precise Japanese jazz that's been killing it for me.

Build An Ark "Sunshine EP" 12" (Kindred Spirits)
- Outtakes from the "Dawn" Lp with a bunch of short, improvisational numbers plus a long, really boisterous, live cover of Coltrane's "A Love Supreme"

Shuya Okino "United Legends Replayed By Sleep Walker EP" Lp (Especial)
- I never heard the original record, but with Sleep Walker making live-instrument reinterpretations i was on it. All of the tracks feature vocalists (Josh Milan (Blaze), Diviniti, Navasha Daya (Fertile Ground), and Yukimi Nagano) that i've heard and liked enough on house tracks. At first I was a little disappointed that it's pretty subdued for Sleep Walker, but after 5 or so listens it's starting to grow on me

Exploding Star Orchestra "We Are All From Somewhere Else" 2xLp (Shortwave)
- My anger over this being a CD-only album has luckily been squashed with this 500-copy, 180gram pressing. Having this on vinyl might bump it up a few notches on my best-of list.

Mary Lou Williams "Free Spirits" Lp (Inner City)
- I love Inner City & SteepleChase records because they feature that 70's soul-jazz with really beautiful sound mixes. Pittsburgh's own Mary Lou Williams' trio sounds amazing covering Miles Davis, Buster Williams, Jelly Roll Morton & knocking out a few originals, with really clear separation between the piano, bass & drums.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk "The Return Of The 5000 Lb. Man" Lp (Warner Brothers)
- With a different line-up on each track, this isn't entirely cohesive as an album, but Roland Kirk covering "Giant Steps" is a no-brainer.

Horacee Arnold "Tales Of The Exonerated Flea" Lp (Columbia)
- Drummer Horacee Arnold leads a big ensemble, including a bunch of ECM heads, through some gritty, break-heavy soul-jazz. Ths is some serious musicians' music, with the players grinding the gears for each other more than anything else. Some really satisfying sounds.

Lou Donaldson "Possum Head" Lp (Cadet)
- I love Lou Donaldson but as soon as I saw John Patton on organ I snatched this up.

Eric Dolphy "Out To Lunch" Lp (Blue Note)
- Eric Dolphy with Freddie Hubbard, Bobby Hutcherson, Richard Davis & a young Tony Williams! Score!

Roland Kirk "Volunteered Slavery" Lp (Atlantic)
- Classic Roland Kirk killing it with the sax, flute, nose-flute, gong, whistle & vocals, sometimes all at once. A prime example to dispell the myth of jazz as somber, studious music.

Archie Shepp "Things Have Got To Change" Lp (Impulse!)
- Shepp with Cal Massey getting politically heavy with 3 heartbreaking cuts with vocals dedicated to the spirit of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Richard Davis "Muses For Richard Davis" Lp (BASF)
- I love the sound of the accoustic bass and Richard Davis always puts himself front & center even when he's joined by legends like Freddie Hubbard & Roland Hanna.

PS. Have i mentioned how good Erykah Badu's "New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)" is?

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