Sunday, March 30, 2008

Record Score! - To Easter & Beyond

Irakere "S/T" Lp (Columbia)
- Heavily percussive afro-cuban jazz from 1979

Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman "Song X" Lp (Geffen)
- Blazing-tempos & racing, noodly melodies from Methany & Coleman along with some of my favorite rhythm players Charlie Haden, Denardo Coleman & Jack DeJohnett playing through the dark ages of the mid-80's

Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen "Jaywalkin'" Lp (Inner City)
- 1976 album licensed from SteepleChase from my favorite bassist. Pedersen as a composer and as a member of the Oscar Peterson Trio proved that he could handle bluesy melancholy and wild swing, showy solos and on-the-clock rhythm work, and he does it all with a very soulful personality.

Airto "Virgin Land" Lp (Salvation)
- 1974 album from latin percussionist Airto

Richard Sussman "Tributaries" Lp (Inner City)
- Great record from 1979 whose upfront Moog & deafening drumming just get better and better the louder you play it. The day I got this I was in kind of a funk and wanted to play some raw, hardcore hip hop to shake myself out of it but, because I currently can't play curse words at work, when I substituted "Tributaries" it did the trick.

Guns N' Roses "Appetite For Destruction" Lp (Geffen)
- I recently read some musings on the internet about "Appetite For Destruction" and it reminded me how much i liked the record when it came out (I'm pretty sure I was in 7th grade). Digging through records the other day i came across a really clean, early pressing on Geffen/Uzi Suicide and decided that it was such a big part of my history with music that i should own it. I honestly haven't put it on the turntable since picking it up but just looking at the cover has filled me with a ton of nostalgia for the music.

Nat Adderley "You, Baby" Lp (CTI)
- a subtle, warm & romantic album from 1968 with Adderly, Ron Carter & pianist Joe Zawinul really clicking

Mi Ami "African Rhythms" 12" (White Denim)
- This was a really pleasant surprise. I have a few records from the Philadelphia-based record label White Denim ( (which for some reason I seem to doomed to forever mix-up with the Parts Unknown label) and it's a pretty diverse lot of noisy, DIY rock & hardcore. I grabbed this based on the review by my old friend Doug Mosurock (sic) on his excellent column Still Single for Dusted Magazine (, which has turned me on to a lot of great stuff in its 3 year+ run. Mi Ami take a welcome left turn from the knock-off-work, jeans & Converse rock n' roll sound, building from a foundation of heavy african-inspired percussion & tight bass work, and adding screaming pscyh guitars & distant vocals as the tracks require. The 3 track, 45 rpm single manages to scratch a few itches with the 2 cuts on the A side bringing the noisy pound that quells the angry young man in me while the B side is much more relaxed, dubby and melodic and more to the speed of my current tastes. A great record.

Mama Cass "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" Lp (Dunhill)
- A reissue of "Bubble Gum, Lemonade And Something For Mama" with "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" added. I'm a big nerd for the TV show LOST and so this song has been in my head for a while and i finally gave in and bought the record. It turned out to be the perfect music to keep me company while i painted.

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Animal said...

This is already one of the best music blogs around...You should write for wax poetics. Really, why hasn't that come together yet?

Got your e-mizzle. I'll be in the burgh Thursday the 17th for the other Andrew (Carnegie) carnival. Can't wait to check out the new digs.

Will be out of there by Saturday morning though...short trip, but free ticket thanks to United sticking me with an 11 hour stay in the DC airport. Although that's where I got my Bill Clinton "First Gentleman 2008" t-shirt so alls well that ends well.