Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Record Score - Penna Primary Edition


Kenny Burrell "God Bless The Child" Lp (CTI)
The classic CTI players: Hubert Laws, Ron Carter, Freddie Hubbard, Billy Cobham, Hugh Lawson, Ray Barretto, Airto Moreira... back guitarist Kenny Burrell on soulful renditions of "God Bless The Child", "A Child Is Born", "Love Is The Answer", "Do What You Gotta Do", & "Be Yourself"

V/A "Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label" 2xLp (Numero Group)
I have to admit, I was a little let down by this compilation. The other entries in the Eccentric Soul collections are more idiosyncratic and, even though they feature awesome music, it's easy to see why the groups represented might have been too left of center to catch on with the general public. The Big Mack Label on the other hand features pretty straight ahead doo-wop & Motown-esque R&B and it seems that the music might just have been too safe & calculated to stand out. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get on doo-wop kick and I'll rediscover the brilliance here, but I'm not feeling it now.

The Richard Schulman Group "Wonder" Lp (Richard Schulman)
1980 jazz recording featuring electric guitar, bass, drums, tenor sax & led by Richard Schulman on Piano. It's a nice, self-published outing hitting a big range of styles from hard bop to jazz-funk to a loose calypso number. Apparently my copy was owned by someone related to the group (how else would they get a copy really?) who wrote notes like "Bob's brother" on the photos, and it gives an added personal touch to the record. It's an above average session with a lot of personality, and i can see why Richard Schulman was excited to get it out there.

The Astronauts "Go! Go! Go!" Lp (RCA)
Rare 1965 Lp from the 60's garage band. The songs have a decidedly more clean-cut, bubble-gum sound than some of their contemporaries but the rhythm section swings with the best of them and this album is begging to be pillaged for samples.

Bobby Hutcherson "Happenings" Lp (Blue Note)
Bobby Hutcherson knows how to make huge, full-sounding music, and bleeds to the edges of the tape on "Happenings". I'm most struck by the awesome team of Hutcherson & Joe Chambers on marimba & drums.

I had an odd number of records again so I'm going to pimp LOST which returns Thursday after a month+ hiatus to finish out Season 4. The season 3 soundtrack from Michael Giacchino also just came out last week, but i haven't had a chance to pick it up yet.

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