Friday, May 23, 2008

Record Score! - It's Kind Of A Sickness

Collin Walcott "Cloud Dance" Lp (ECM)
- The core John Abercrombie trio with Dave Holland & Jack Dejohnette with Collin Walcott's sitars & tablas upfront. More glorious new age hippy-jazz from ECM.

tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE "Mechanically Repetitive/ReRecorded Records Record" Lp (Dear Skull)
- Pittsburgh based noise artist & familiar face around town. This collects some of his previous sound experiments, including one with a young Selecta adding his turntablism to the mix. The Lp comes with a superfluous off-center hole for the option of adding a bit of extra analog distortion through eliptical orbitting to the already outsound tape-loop collage, and the b-side has been cut twice so that the needle wanders between the two overlapping grooves almost haphazardly, and differently on each listen.

Annihilation Time "Cosmic Unconsciousness EP" 7" (Tankcrimes)
- Black Flag meets Black Sabbath in the endless adolescence of this southern California band.

Brother Jack McDuff "Tobacco Road" Lp (Atlantic)
- Jack McDuff is one of my favorite organists. He has a really delicate touch even on fairly poppy material like this album. This includes a really great cover of "The Shadow Of Your Smile"

Walter Bishop Jr. "Soul Village" Lp (Muse)
- OG copy of Bishop's late 70's soul-jazz classic. Bishop tears up the Fender Rhodes and makes the whole proceedings funky from top to bottom.

Return To Forever "Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy" Lp (Polydor)
- Monster jazz-fusion album from 1973 featuring Chick Corea letting it all out.

Cannonball Adderley "Soul Of The Bible" 2xLp (Capitol)
- The Cannonball / Nat Adderley / David Axelrod collaboration, a very close cousin to the Zodiac albums complete with Rick Holmes' calm narration and the jazz-funk fusion.

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers "Child's Dance" Lp (Prestige)
- 1972 album from Blakey on Prestige featuring Woody Shaw and Stanley Clarke

Solomon Ilori & His Afro-Drum Ensemble "African High Life" Lp (Blue Note)
- A good Highlife album from the Nigerian talking-drum player and company, almost entirely percussion with bass by Abdul-Malik. An interesting release for Blue Note.

Snoop Dogg "Sensual Seduction" 12" (Geffen)
- When I first heard this track I hated it. It reminded me of the worst euro-pop vocoder bullshit and seemed like a calculated sell-out crossover cut from Snoop Dogg. It was that terrible Cher song meets Eiffel 65 meets the ugly 80's revival we're currently in. Somehow, seeing the video for this song completely changed my opinion. Seeing Snoop channel Rick James was inspirational and i fell in love with the sleazy yet positive message and the slinky melody.

Jackson Conti "Sujinho" 2xLp (Kindred Spirits)
- Full length album from Madlib & Mamao (percussionist for Azymuth). It actually lacks personality and just sort of flitters between pretty safe Latin grooves. I like latin music. I understand why a lot of American hip hop & soul artists are big fans of latin music, but that doesn't mean they can pull it off and there are far too many artists taking a stab at it. This isn't terrible, and in small doses it will definitely get your bug dancing, but over the long haul it's just forgetable.

The Heliocentrics "Distant Star" 12" (Now Again)
- This was a nice surprise. Well-sweated drummer Malcolm Catto leads a tight group of musicians through outer-universal soul-jazz grooves. The aptly named group actually comes close to performing what I would imagine Sun Ra would be up to in the post-hip hop landscape, a locked-in beat swinging with a psychedelic wash of bass, synths, horns... This single adds the rhyme talents of legends Percee P & MF Doom, who help sell the hip hop aesthetic even if they aren't really the most inspired appearances by the usually more stellar emcees. Percee P comes off like a hype man, mostly just blasting his name at the end of every few bars, and Doom really seems to have lost the fire he rekindled around the year 2000 and sounds like he's just tiredly reading from his book of rhymes. Luckily the vocals only occupy the A-Side and the flip is an extended slab of instrumental exploration.

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