Monday, July 27, 2009

Nihilistic Discotastical!

A lot of people end up on this blog because they google search things like "recently released record by indie band, blog" hoping to download some of their favorite music at a competitive price. I know, i check my analytics. Hey, it's cool. The MP3 djinn is out of the bottle. But, just know that there are some cantankerous, stubborn, old bastards out there trying to rain all over your mobile phone dance parties.

One of those bastards is my good friend Thomas Cox, owner of the newly christened vinyl-only label, Love What You Feel. Tom has been DJing techno, house, disco, and soul around Pittsburgh since the days of warehouse raves and Drum & Bass, and he's been doing it with original pressings of vinyl records from the start. Not content to keep biding his time, waiting for people to produce the music he wants to spin, Tom started his record label and went about making that music happen.

The first release on the label is the 12inch, 4-song debut EP by Disco Nihilist, a producer from Austin, Texas, quickly making a name for himself crafting a unique blend of acid and deep house using analog equipment. I'm still new to this corner of music, and i'm certainly biased enough, but I really do love this record. The subtle changes to the hypnotic patterns remind me a lot of the Basic Channel / Rhythm & Sound stuff, even though i guess more trained ears hear a blend of Chicago & New York house.

So my little contribution to the project was the design for the record labels, and the logo design for Love What You Feel. Tom gave me carte blanche on the whole thing, which honestly was a little daunting, especially since I know that I favor a tiny detail-heavy style and Tom likes things to feel spontaneous and slightly haphazard. We both agreed that the name of the label and medium of the vinyl record suggested something tactile, with evidence of being hand-made. In the end, I hit on the cursive L and the hand-written logo quickly and pretty much simultaneously. So while Tom was happy with the loose approach, I made myself happy by rewriting and tweeking both designs literally 1,000 times until he took it away from me. The script for the Love What You Feel logo was actually done in ink wash, but because the labels were printed with an offset press, it was decided that the subtle greyscaling would be difficult to reproduce, so we went with a solid version. The final labels are silver ink on black, and the press did a beautiful job.

The Disco Nihilist record is available worldwide at many of the best stores. Of course, you can also pick it up at

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