Sunday, July 12, 2009

Record Scores - An Entire Blog Post Title Dedicated To Michael Jackson

John Surman - The Amazing Adventures Of Simon Simon Lp (ECM)
Eddie Davis Trio Featuring Shirley Scott - S/T Lp (Roulette)
Ty Segall - Cents 7" (Goner)
Earth - Radio Live 2007-2008 Lp (Southern Lord)
Bobby Hutcherson - Linger Lane Lp (Blue Note)
John Surman - Such Winters Of Memory Lp (ECM)
Archie Shepp - The Magic Of Ju-Ju Lp (Impulse!)
Disco Nihilist - S/T 12" (Official Pressing) (Love What You Feel)

PS. expecting Madeline - White Flag Lp (Orange Twin) in the mail. I bought the CD for this when it came out in March because I love Madeline and wanted to support her monetarily even though I hate buying CDs at this point. I'm pretty annoyed that there was no indication that there was going to be a vinyl release for this record. I even wrote Orange Twin a note back in march saying that I wished there was vinyl for the album.


pipecock said...

your wish came true and now you're complaining about it. malcontent. ;)

also i like how you don't mention the fact that you did the artwork for one of those records you got!

andrew. said...

- yeah, i'm happy that there's vinyl for the record. I just wish people would take advantage of the internet a little bit more to let fans know when records come out.

and yeah, i did the artwork for Archie Shepp - The Magic Of Ju-Ju. check it aht!

just kidding. i did the label art for the Disco Nihilist 12" that Pipecock just released on his label, Love What You Feel. He should write more about the record on his blog