Thursday, August 27, 2009

Record Scores - Can't Afford Sleep Edition

Jack DeJohnette's Directions - Untitled Lp (ECM)
Dave Liebman - Lookout Farm Lp (ECM)
El Michels Affair - Ultimate Breaks & Beats Instrumentals 2xLp (Traffic)
Woods - To Clean 7" (Half Machine)
The Oh Sees / Ty Segall - Split 7" (Castle Face)
Tortoise - High Class Slim Came Floatin' In 12" (Thrill Jockey)
D'Angelo - Lady 12" (EMI)
Eddie Henderson - Realization Lp (Capricorn)
John Klemmer - Brazilia Lp (ABC)
Beastie Boys - Love American Style EP (Capitol)
Bobby Timmons Trio - In Person Lp (Riverside)
University Of Texas at El Paso Stage Band - The Varsitonians Lp (Century)
Lou Donaldson - Signifyin' Lp (Argo)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Record Scores - Sleepy and Kinda Mean Edition

A mixed batch this time, with some serious disappointments and a few pleasant surprises:
- David Daniell & Douglas McCombs - Sycamore Lp (Thrill Jockey) - Douglas McCombs is a favorite musician of mine and I was really underwhelmed by these aimless guitar drones that couldn't even stake out a consistent mood.
- Chick Corea - Return To Forever Lp (ECM) - I know Return To Forever was also his group, but I swear I have 5 different solo albums titled Return To Forever too. This is the good stuff though.
- George Gruntz - Percussion Profiles Lp (ECM) - Featuring Jack DeJohnette, Dom Um Romao, David Friedman, Pierre Favre, Fredy Studer and George Gruntz, this 6 man percussion jam on ECM flits between pounding, alien and new age. It has some fantastic moments.
- Dog Day - Night Group Lp (Tomlab) - A pleasant surprise of rockin' indie pop from Canada. Peppy and hook-fueld with the right sprinkle of discordance to repel any visions of gum commercials.
- Zola Jesus - The Spoils Lp (Sacred Bones) - Too much of a good thing. After an excellent 7" earlier this year (or late last year (recent is what i mean to say!)) the Zola Jesus full length just moves from one track to the next with the odd, mopey, new wave sound and the whole thing just bleeds into itself. A little variety would have helped tremendously.
- The Monkeywrench - That Trip You're On 7" (In The Red) - I've been missing my copy of the "Clean As a Broke Dick Dog" album for a while, and so while I'm working on getting a replacement, I figured I'd check out what the acidic blues punk band has been up to in the meantime. The group featuring Mark Arm (Mudhoney), Tim Kerr (Poison 13), Time Price (Gas Huffer)and a couple of others, has found a more polished sound that at first frightened me with images of waitresses carrying wings and bluetooth cowboys, but, even though I missed the start/stop hurk of the earlier records, on repeated listens the 2 songs on this 7" did have an appealing edge of danger to them.
- Kenny Burrell - Up The Street, 'Round The Corner, Down The Block Lp (Fantasy) - beautiful, poppy, soulful jazz session from the mid-70s.
- Little Girls - Youth Tunes 7" (Captured Tracks) - I already had this. I thought it was a new record from them. I knew as soon as i put it on the turntable but I guess I need to spend more time with some of the music I have. It's very good though.
- Teenage Panzerkorps - Arc De Triumphe 7" (Captured Tracks) - competent music in the style of most stuff on Woodsist, Captured Tracks or Sacred Bones but the distinguishing feature is also its worst. I didn't like deep voiced goth vocals in the 80s and I don't want to listen to the awkward, sad-sack shit now.
- Tyvek - Mary Ellen Claims 7" (X!) - After much hype from sources I trust, I decided to give this Tyvek thing a go with the repress of their first single. The immature rock fumblings were not what I expected nor what i'd ever want to hear again.
- Illa J - Sounds Like Love 12" (Delicious Vinyl) - Illa J isn't a terrible rapper, or a good one, and my patience for any emcees is pretty much zero right now any way. Illa J is young and has plenty of time to prove himself but right now his career is unfairly cruising along on top of the unreleased beats of his brother, J Dilla (R.I.P.). The beat for this cut is solid and funky, and on top of that Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Fergusson treat the cut to a remix in a similar vein to the 'Suite For Ma Dukes'
- Explorers - Bermuda Telepaths Lp (Not Not Fun) - good drone cuts with a cool underwater vibe, like whale songs emanating from your tight jeans but beautiful and delicately layered.
- Odd Clouds - Deceiving Illusion Lp (Not Not Fun) - dark, punky noise with a seamy, violent undertone. I played it in the store and it scared away a lot of customers, so it works.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ocular Optometrical - Summer = High Brown Entertainment

The Hurt Locker (2009)
Very Young Girls
Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince (2009)
The Lookout
I Love You, Man (2009)
Hot Rod
The Yes Men Fix The World
Margaret Cho: Beautiful
Don't Mess With The Zohan
Venture Bros - Season 3 w/ commentaries
Twin Peaks - Season 1
GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra (2009)
Funny People (2009)