Saturday, December 5, 2009

Record Scores - Winter Light Edition

Reuben Wilson - Set Us Free Lp (Blue Note)
Styrofoam - The Point Misser Lp (Morr Music)
Inquisition - Revolution, I Think It's Called Inspiration Lp (Seven Lucky)
Joe Mensah - Tribute To The Roots Lp (Mezumbah International)
Four Hundred Years / Seein' Red - Split 7" (Smith & Nephew Company)
Les Thugs - Radical Hystery Lp (Closer)
John Patton - Got a Good Thing Goin' Lp (Blue Note)
Jan Hammer Group - Melodies Lp (Nemperor)
Arnett Cobb - Movin' Right Along Lp (Prestige)
Thee Dead Clodettes - S/T 7" (Lipstick Pickup)
Useless Eaters - Sucked In 7" (Goner)
Crocodiles / Grafitti Island / Dum Dum Girls / PENS - Split 7" (Art Fag)
Whatever Brains - Mt. Whatever 7" (Bullcity)
Keith Jarrett & Jack DeJohnette - Ruta And Daitya Lp (ECM)
Chris Capizzi - A New Day Lp (Returnity Productions Limited)
Stereolab - Miss Modular 7" (Duophonic)

I will probably end up with one more Record Scores thread before the end of the year. I'm waiting on yet another record that i ordered directly from a label off of their Myspace page. I understand that this shit isn't your day job & that it could take you a while to get to the post office, but between these dudes flaking out completely & Paypal turning into the shittiest credit card company on earth (& completely betraying the escrow service it was started as), i'm getting pretty soured on the whole thing. That isn't to say that there aren't labels & bands doing this thing right. Not Not Fun & Fastcrowd have had some great records over the last couple of years & been a dream to order from.

I've already sifted through the ton of records that i picked up this year (maybe the most ever) and i've compiled a rough ranking of my top 20 albums of 2009. I'll probably get the final thing out in January, just in case someone drops something amazing in December.
I think best of the decade lists usually end up being pretty bad, usually too heavily weighted towards the latter half & leaning towards albums that have big reputations but aren't really that enjoyable in an attempt to somehow epitomize the 'sound' of the era. So i won't be doing one of those.

My top films of the year may take longer because i'm pretty far behind on new movies, and the list of stuff i need to catch up on is only going to get longer as studios dump all of their Oscar contenders into limited release. Also, unlike previous years, i don't really have too many standout favorites yet.

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