Monday, December 27, 2010

Record Scores - The End Of Another Fucked Up Year Edition

Woima Collective - Tezeta Lp (Kindred Spirits)
Marcus Belgrave - Gemini Lp (Universal Sound)
Carlos Nino & Jesse Peterson - Turn On The Sunlight Lp (Disques Corde)
Sun Ra - Lost Arkestra Vol. 1 10" (Kindred Spirits)
Kenny Barron - Sunset To Dawn Lp (Muse)
Olatunji - Flaming Drums! Lp (Columbia)
Don Patterson - Movin' Up Lp (Muse)
Arild Andersen - Shimri Lp (ECM)
David Pritchard - Light-Year Lp (Inner City)
Jimmy Heath - Triple Threat Lp (Riverside)
Pat Martino - The Visit! Lp (Cobblestone)
V/A - Bacteria Sour Vol. 1 7" (Bacteria Sour)
The Girls - Remote View 7" (Hozac)
The Young - Sweet 7" (Mexican Summer)

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