Saturday, December 31, 2011

Record Scores - In Before The Lock Edition

Sapphire Slows - True Breath 12" (Not Not Fun)
Utah Jazz - It's The Real Thing Demo Cs (Drug Party)
NASA Space Universe - Brainrailers 7" (Shogun)
Shoppers - Silver Year Lp (Feeble Minds)
The Mike Mainieri Quartet - Insight Lp (Solid State)
Jeremy Steig & Eddie Gomez - Outlaws Lp (Inner City)
Human Arts Ensemble - Whisper Of Dharma Lp (Arista)
Billy Hart - Enchance Lp (A&M)
Power Of Idea - Hyper Yellow Thrash Lp (Tribal War Asia)
Cypress Hill - Throw Your Set In The Air 12" (Ruff House)
Johnny Lytle - A Groove Lp (Riverside)
Jean-Luc Ponty - Sonata Erotica Lp (Inner City)
Charlie Earland - Smokin' Lp (Muse)
Willis Jackson - Cookin' Sherry Lp (Prestige)
Majeure / Sankt Otten - Split Lp (Denovali)
Kim Phuc - Copsucker Lp (Iron Lung Death)
Warsaw - Warsaw + Bonus Tracks Lp (Vinyl Passion)
The Back-Wash Rhythm Band - Golden Breed OST Lp (Capitol)

2011 - Lock it down.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Record Scores - Playing With The Box Edition

Audio Two - What More Can I Say Lp (First Priority Music)
Nubian Crackers - Do You Wanna Hear It? 12" (Big Beat)
Fantasy - Fantasy Lp (Liberty)
Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters 12" (Hivern)
Zombi - Slow Oscillations 7" (Static Caravan)
V/A - True Spirit Part II 2xLp (Tresor)
Recloose - Cardiology 2xLp (Planet E)
Napi Hedz - The Blessed And Bliss 12" (Women On Wax)
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Bulletproof Brass 12" (HBE)
Bill Evans & George Russell Orchestra - Living Time Lp (Columbia)
Albert Dailey Trio - That Old Feeling Lp (Steeplechase)
Galaxy Toobin' - S/T Cs (Not Not Fun)
Octo Octa - Rough, Rugged, And Raw Cs (100% Silk)
Dirg Gerner - Preface EP 12" (Ho Tep)
Mike Huckaby - My Life With The Wave 12" (Synth)
Ricardo Miranda presents Latin Soul Brothas - Peace And Strength EP 12" (Neroli)
V/A - Sub Rosa Vs. Shi-Ra-Nui Lp (Sub Rosa)
Sons Of The Sun - Heavenlamp 12" (Fat Cat)
Washed Out - Life Of Leisure Lp (Mexican Summer)
Maria Minerva - Sacred & Profane Love 12" (100% Silk)
TV Casualty - S/T 7" (Matador)
Oscar D'Leon y Su Salsa Mayor - Con Bajo Y Todo Lp (Indica)
Cult Of Youth - S/T Lp (Sacred Bones)
Curtis Amy & Paul Bryant - The Blues Message Lp (Pacific Jazz)
Jimmy Neeley - Jimmy Neeley Now Lp (Ali Baba East)
Jean-Luc Ponty - Upon The Wings Of Music Lp (Atlantic)
Rob Wasserman - Solo Lp (Rounder)
Ron Carter / Herbie Hancock / Tony Williams - Third Plane Lp (Milestone)
Ornette Coleman - Science Fiction Lp (Columbia)
Peaking Lights / Golden Jooklo - Split Lp (Holidays)
Grap Luva - Neva Done EP 12" (Slice Of Spice)
Dorothy Ashby - The Jazz Harpist Lp (Regent)
The Jimmy Neeley Trio - Misirlou Lp (Tru Sound)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best Vinyl Albums Of 2011

No. 20 - Psychic Reality - Vibrant New Age Lp (Not Not Fun)
[YouTube Video For "Fruits"]
No. 19 - Cult Of Youth - Cult Of Youth Lp (Sacred Bones)
[YouTube Video For "Casting Thorns"]
No. 18 - The UV Race - Homo Lp (In The Red)
[YouTube Video For Live Performance Of "Girl In My Bed"]
No. 17 - Implodes - Black Earth Lp (Kranky)
[YouTube Video For "Experiential Report"]

No. 16 - Wounded Lion - IVXLCDM Lp (In The Red)
[YouTube Video For "Going Into The Unknown"]
No. 15 - Mi Ami - Dolphins Lp (Thrill Jockey)
[YouTube Video For Live Performance of "Echo"]
No. 14 - The Soft Moon - The Soft Moon Lp (Captured Tracks)
This Album Came Out In November 2010, But I Don't Care
[YouTube Video For "Tiny Spiders"]

No. 13 - Balaclavas - Snake People Lp (Dull Knife)
[YouTube Video For "Down And Loose"]
No. 12 - Zombi - Escape Velocity Lp (Relapse)
[YouTube Video For "Shrunken Heads"]
No. 11 - Jungle By Night - Jungle By Night Lp (Kindred Spirits)
[YouTube Promo Video For Jungle By Night]

No. 10 - KWJAZ - KWJAZ Lp (Not Not Fun)
[YouTube Video For Excerpt From Side-A Of Album]
No. 09 - Little Dragon - Ritual Union Lp (Peacefrog)
[YouTube Video For "Ritual Union"]
No. 08 - Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Horizontal Structures 2xLp (Honest Jons)
[YouTube Video For "Structure 4"]

No. 07 - Sao Paulo Underground - Tres Cabecas Loucuras Lp (Cuneiform)
[YouTube Video Of Sao Paulo Underground]
No. 06 - Elzhi - Elmatic 2xLp (Fat Beats)
[YouTube Video For "Ain't Hard To Tell"]
No. 05 - Floating Points - Shadows 2x12" (EGLO)
[YouTube Video For "Myrtle Avenue"]

No. 04 - Various Artists - Vibe 2 2x12" (Future Times)
[YouTube Video For Hunee "Folga"]
No. 03 - Maria Minerva - Cabaret Cixous Lp (Not Not Fun)
[YouTube Video For "Ruff Trade"]
No. 02 - Madeline - Black Velvet Lp (This Will Be Our Summer)
[YouTube Video For Live Performance Of "Dead Moon"]

No. 01 - Peaking Lights - 936 Lp (Not Not Fun)
[YouTube Video For "Key Sparrow"]
[YouTube Video For "All The Sun That Shines"]

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Record Scores - Cookie Touristas Edition

Pittsburgh Track Authority - monongahela Rainforest (White Label) 12" (Pittsburgh Trax)
Shai - The Place Where You Belong 12" (MCA)
Fresh-o-matics - The 10th Plan 7" (Vermiform)
Seein' Red - More Of The Same 7" (Wicked Witch)
Halfmast - Influence 7" (Third Party)
Halfmast - Together 7" (Third Party)
Walter Wanderley - Kee-Ka-Roo Lp (Verve)
Quincy Jones - $ OST Lp (Reprise)
Victor Feldman - With Mallets A Fore Thought Lp (Interlude)
Ron Carter - Third Plane Lp (Victor Music)
Doug Carn - Infant Eyes (Autographed) Lp (Black Jazz)
The Tony Williams Lifetime - Turn It Over Lp (Polydor)
Storm Queen - Look Right Through 12" (Environ)
Storm Queen - It Goes On 12" (Environ)
Reggie Dokes / Eric Johnson - The Golden Years EP (Psychostasia 2001-2006) 12" (Deep Explore)
Amerigo Gazaway - Fela Soul Lp (Fela Soul)
Liquid Crystal Project - A Tribute To De La 7" (Polar Entertainment)
Floating Points - Shadows 2x12" (EGLO)
Protect-U - Protect-U EP 12" (Vibrations)