Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best Vinyl Albums Of 2011

No. 20 - Psychic Reality - Vibrant New Age Lp (Not Not Fun)
[YouTube Video For "Fruits"]
No. 19 - Cult Of Youth - Cult Of Youth Lp (Sacred Bones)
[YouTube Video For "Casting Thorns"]
No. 18 - The UV Race - Homo Lp (In The Red)
[YouTube Video For Live Performance Of "Girl In My Bed"]
No. 17 - Implodes - Black Earth Lp (Kranky)
[YouTube Video For "Experiential Report"]

No. 16 - Wounded Lion - IVXLCDM Lp (In The Red)
[YouTube Video For "Going Into The Unknown"]
No. 15 - Mi Ami - Dolphins Lp (Thrill Jockey)
[YouTube Video For Live Performance of "Echo"]
No. 14 - The Soft Moon - The Soft Moon Lp (Captured Tracks)
This Album Came Out In November 2010, But I Don't Care
[YouTube Video For "Tiny Spiders"]

No. 13 - Balaclavas - Snake People Lp (Dull Knife)
[YouTube Video For "Down And Loose"]
No. 12 - Zombi - Escape Velocity Lp (Relapse)
[YouTube Video For "Shrunken Heads"]
No. 11 - Jungle By Night - Jungle By Night Lp (Kindred Spirits)
[YouTube Promo Video For Jungle By Night]

No. 10 - KWJAZ - KWJAZ Lp (Not Not Fun)
[YouTube Video For Excerpt From Side-A Of Album]
No. 09 - Little Dragon - Ritual Union Lp (Peacefrog)
[YouTube Video For "Ritual Union"]
No. 08 - Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Horizontal Structures 2xLp (Honest Jons)
[YouTube Video For "Structure 4"]

No. 07 - Sao Paulo Underground - Tres Cabecas Loucuras Lp (Cuneiform)
[YouTube Video Of Sao Paulo Underground]
No. 06 - Elzhi - Elmatic 2xLp (Fat Beats)
[YouTube Video For "Ain't Hard To Tell"]
No. 05 - Floating Points - Shadows 2x12" (EGLO)
[YouTube Video For "Myrtle Avenue"]

No. 04 - Various Artists - Vibe 2 2x12" (Future Times)
[YouTube Video For Hunee "Folga"]
No. 03 - Maria Minerva - Cabaret Cixous Lp (Not Not Fun)
[YouTube Video For "Ruff Trade"]
No. 02 - Madeline - Black Velvet Lp (This Will Be Our Summer)
[YouTube Video For Live Performance Of "Dead Moon"]

No. 01 - Peaking Lights - 936 Lp (Not Not Fun)
[YouTube Video For "Key Sparrow"]
[YouTube Video For "All The Sun That Shines"]

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