Saturday, December 31, 2011

Record Scores - In Before The Lock Edition

Sapphire Slows - True Breath 12" (Not Not Fun)
Utah Jazz - It's The Real Thing Demo Cs (Drug Party)
NASA Space Universe - Brainrailers 7" (Shogun)
Shoppers - Silver Year Lp (Feeble Minds)
The Mike Mainieri Quartet - Insight Lp (Solid State)
Jeremy Steig & Eddie Gomez - Outlaws Lp (Inner City)
Human Arts Ensemble - Whisper Of Dharma Lp (Arista)
Billy Hart - Enchance Lp (A&M)
Power Of Idea - Hyper Yellow Thrash Lp (Tribal War Asia)
Cypress Hill - Throw Your Set In The Air 12" (Ruff House)
Johnny Lytle - A Groove Lp (Riverside)
Jean-Luc Ponty - Sonata Erotica Lp (Inner City)
Charlie Earland - Smokin' Lp (Muse)
Willis Jackson - Cookin' Sherry Lp (Prestige)
Majeure / Sankt Otten - Split Lp (Denovali)
Kim Phuc - Copsucker Lp (Iron Lung Death)
Warsaw - Warsaw + Bonus Tracks Lp (Vinyl Passion)
The Back-Wash Rhythm Band - Golden Breed OST Lp (Capitol)

2011 - Lock it down.

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