Friday, December 7, 2012

Best Vinyl Albums Of 2012

I'm going to go ahead and make the cut here, sorry about any albums that drop between now and the new year. This list only considers full length records released on vinyl in the year 2012. For a full list of albums considered, you can browse my 'Record Scores' threads. Every time i do one of these, i encourage people to argue, post their lists, or generally engage. The YouTube links are included so that you can quickly familiarize yourself with any artists you haven't heard of. These choices are primarily the records that i got the most joy out of, and usually listened to the most.

Best Vinyl Albums of 2012:

No. 20 - The Cheebacabra - Pass The Information 2xLp (Mackrosoft)
[YouTube Video For Preview Medley Of Album]
No. 19 - LA Vampires With Maria Minerva - The Integration Lp (Not Not Fun)
[YouTube Video For "Seasons Change"]
No. 18 - Joshua Abrams - Represencing Lp (Eremite)
[YouTube Video of Joshua Abrams Playing Guimbri]
No. 17 - Chromatics - Kill For Love 2xLp (Italians Do It Better)
[YouTube Video For "Kill For Love"]

No. 16 - Carlos Nino & Friends - Aquariusssssss Lp (Porter)
[YouTube Video For "Shapeshift Of Uranus"]
No. 15 - Pyramid Blue - S/T Lp (Lovemonk / Enlace Funk)
[YouTube Video For "La Oportunidad"]
No. 14 - JJ Doom - Key To The Kuffs 2xLp (Lex)
[YouTube Video For "Guv'nor"]

No. 13 - Mi Ami - Decade Lp (100% Silk)
[YouTube Video For "Time For Love"]
No. 12 - J Dilla - Dillatroit Lp (Mahogani Music)
[YouTube Video For Preview Medley Of Album]
No. 11 - Peaking Lights - Lucifer In Dub Lp (Mexican Summer)
[YouTube Video For "My Heart Dubs 4 U"]

No. 10 - Upperground Orchestra - The Eupen Takes Lp (Morphine)
[YouTube Video Of Live Performance]
No. 09 - Juju & Jordash - Techno Primitivism 3xLp (Dekmantel)
[YouTube Video For "Rogue Wave"]
No. 08 - Jeff Parker - Bright Light In Winter Lp (Delmark)
[YouTube Video For "Change"]

No. 07 - Sun Araw, M. Geddes Gengras Meet The Congos - FRKWYS Vol. 9 Lp (RVNG INTL)
[YouTube Vidoe For "Happy Song"]
No. 06 - Rocket Juice & The Moon - Rocket Juice & The Moon 2xLp (Honest Jons)
[YouTube Video For "Follow Fashion"]
No. 05 - Earth House Hold - When Love Lived 2xLp (Love's Label)
[YouTube Video For Preview Medley Of Album]

No. 04 - Fort Romeau - Kingdoms Lp (100% Silk)
[YouTube Video For "Say Something"]
No. 03 - Miguel - Kaleidoscope Dream 2xLp (RCA)
[YouTube Video For "Do You..."]
No. 02 - Main Attrakionz - Bossalinis &; Fooliyones 2xLp (Young One) / 808s & Dark Grapes II 2xLp (Type)
[YouTube Video For "Perfect Skies"]
[YouTube Video For "Do It For The Bay"]

No. 01 - Jungle By Night - Hidden 2xLp (Kindred Spirits)
[YouTube Video For "Ethiopino"]
[YouTube Video For Documentary About Jungle By Night]

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