Saturday, June 29, 2013

Record Scores - Hott Uhhmerican Summer Edition

Lionel Hampton - There It Is Lp (Brunswick)
Pepe Jaramillo & His Latin American Rhythm - Tequila Cocktail Lp (Telemark)
Dizzy Gillespie y Machito - Afro-Cuban Jazz Moods Lp (Pablo)
V/A - Suck Lp (Independent Video)
V/A - The Savage Seven OST Lp (ATCO)
Willie Rodriguez & The International Stars - A Bunch Of Bongos Lp (Grand Award)
Chase Smith - Chase Smith 12" (W.T.)
Sabre - Sabre 12" (W.T.)
Tagwell Woods - Tagwell Woods 12" (W.T.)
Shams - Piano Cloud 12" (100% Silk)
Q-Tip - The Renaissance 2xLp (Universal)
Waajeed & The Jazz Kats - Marvin Vs WJK Lp (Bling 47)
Duck You Sucker - The Best Nice Fantastic Music Techno CS (Physics Engine)
Duck You Sucker - Of Tomorrow Cs (Physics Engine)
Yowmean - Sea Mister Cs (Physics Engine)
Pittsburgh Track Authority - Now's Tomorrow 12" (The Harmony Society)
MF Grimm - WWIII 12" (Fondle Em)
Pharaohs - Island Time 12" (ESP Institute)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Record Scores - Landed Gentry Edition

Fat Bastian - What Is Love 12" (Got2Go)
V/A - Four Seasons Vol. 1 12" (Got2Go)
V/A - Four Seasons Vol. 2 12" (Got2Go)
V/A - NDATL Special Edition 12" (NDATL Muzik)
Black Sheep - Strobelight Honey (Dave Morales Mixes) 12" (Mercury)
Bill Cosby - Hooray For The Salvation Army Band Lp (Warner Bros)
The Crimson Ghosts - 13 Creepy Songs By The Crimson Ghosts Lp (Necro-Tone)
Nkengas - Destruction Lp (Secret Stash)
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Musica Su Schemi Lp (Superior Viaduct)
The Hawaiian Islanders - Enchantment From Hawaii Lp (Cameo)
Lobisomem - Onze Pedras Atiradas Lp+7" (Tall Corn Music)
Moodymann - ABCD Lp (KDJ)
Pittsburgh Track Authority - Test Press 12" (The Harmony Society)
The Crimson Ghosts - Some Kinda Hits Lp (Necro-Tone)
Octo Octa - Between Two Selves 2x12" (100% Silk)
V/A - Donor's Club Elite Mixtape Cs (100% Silk)
Lonnie Smith - Think! (Blue Note)
Ramsey Lewis - Salongo Lp (Columbia)
Webley Edwards - Island Paradise Lp (Capitol)
Don Ho - 30 Hawaiian Favorites Lp (Suffolk Marketing Inc)
Luke Leilani and His Orchestra - Hawaiian Delights Lp (Premier Albums)
Alex North - South Seas Adventure OST Lp (Cinerama)
The Beatnigs - Television 12" (Alternative Tentacles)
Tortoise - Standards Lp (Thrill Jockey)
June Of 44 - The Anatomy Of Sharkss Lp (Quarterstick)
Shelter - Quest For Certainty Lp (Equal Vision)
Blunderbuss - Conspiracy Lp (Homestead)
Loren Mazzacane Connors - The Stations Of The Cross 2x7" (Menlo Park)
Half String - Eclipse 7" (IPR)
Hanatarash - Total Retardation 7" (Vinyl Communications)
Muslimgauze - Red Crescent Part 3 7" (Vinyl Communications)
A.F.R.I. Studios - Room Service 7" (Tonschact)
Vibracathedral Orchestra - The One You Call The Ghost 7" (Tonschact)
Los Hermanos - My Mother's Guitarra 7" (Los Hermanos)