Monday, July 22, 2013

Record Scores - Fuck Anything Having To Do With Fashion Edition

Tom Scott - Rural Still Life Lp (Impulse)
Johnny Pate - Brother On The Run OST Lp (Perception)
Les Reed - Girl On A Motorcycle Lp (Get Back)
Los Atronautas (Moon People) - Land Of Love Lp (Speed)
Blue Mitchell - Graffiti Blues Lp (Mainstream)
Cro-Magnon - Great Triangle EP 12" (Jazzy Sport)
Webley Edwards & His Hawaii Calls Orchestra - Hawaii: Island Of Dreams Lp (Pickwick)
Ital - Workshop 18 12" (Workshop)
Walt Wanderley - Murmurio Lp (Tower)
Phyllis Barnes - Dedicated To The One I Love 12" (Ital International)
Sam Prekop - Pavilion OST Lp + DVD (Factory 25)
Scenic - Sage 7" (Independent Project Records)
Indian Bingo - Big Rock 7" (Independent Project Records)
The Voices Of East Harlem - Right On Be Free Lp (Elektra)
The Controllers - In Control Lp (Juana)
Marc Johnson - Bass Desires Lp (ECM)
The Tapes - You Just Can't Sleep Lp (Vertigo)
Terry Gibbs - Mallets-A-Plenty Lp (Emarcy)
Buddy Fo's New Hawaii - The Vocal Sounds Of Today Lp (Capitol)
Martin Denny - Latin Village Lp (Liberty)
Woods - Be All, Be Easy 7" (Woodsist)
Prince Jammy - Destroys The Invaders Lp (Greensleeves)
Prince Lasha Quintet - The Cry! Lp (Contemporary)
Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Electro Acoustic Ensemble - The Space Between CD + DVD (Delmark)
No BS! Brass  - RVA All Day Lp (Electric Cowbell)
Jason Adasiewicz's Sun Room - Spacer Lp (Delmark)

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