Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Record Scores: Hanging On The Telephone With Apple Tech Support Edition

Tumi Mogorosi - Project Elo Lp (Jazzman)
V/A - The Supersounds Of Bosworth Lp (Trunk)
Gene Russell - Up And Away Lp (Decca)
DJ Center - In A Song 12" (Footlong Development)
Melvin Van Peebles - What The ... You Mean I Can't Sing Lp (Atlantic)
Gabor Szabo & The California Dreamers - Wind, Sky, And Diamonds Lp (Impulse)
Floating Points - Nuits Sonores 12" (Eglo)
Yosuke Tominaga - Haze 7" (Kaydee)
Pittsburgh Track Authority - Three Rivers EP 12" (Finale Sessions)
Juju & Jordash - Clean-Cut 2xLp (Dekmantel)
Timeline - The Conscious Dream 12" (Underground Resistance)
V/A - Lover's Rock No. 6 12" (Lover's Rock)
Earthen Sea - Ocean Beach Cs (Self-Released)