Friday, December 11, 2015

Best Vinyl Albums Of 2015

 This is a list of my favorite full-length vinyl albums of 2015. This list gets to be a weirder and weirder exercise every year as the album as a structure continues to lose ground, and the vinyl format also erodes further into the realm of trophies & tchotchkes. Anyone familiar with me might also notice a marked dialing back of my music consumption this year, evident in the fewer 'Record Scores' posts. The reasons are myriad, but the results is that the number of albums I had to choose from for this best-of list was very limited. I have chosen to limit this list to 10.

10. Lifted - 1 Lp (Pan)
[YouTube Video For "Total Care Zero"]
09. Hauntologists - S/T Lp (Hauntologists)
[YouTube Video For "Sustain"]
08. Joshua Abrams - Magnetoception 2xLp (Eremite)
[YouTube Video For "By Way Of Odessa"]

07. Masayoshi Fujita - Apologues Lp (Erased Tapes)
[YouTube Video For "Tears Of A Unicorn (Vibraphone Version)"]
06. Cheebacabra - Retouched 2xLp (Mackrosoft)
[YouTube Video For "Paisley Garden (Smooth Tutors Remix)"]

05. D'Angelo And The Vanguard - Black Messiah 2xLp (RCA)
[YouTube Video For "Really Love (Live On SNL)"]
(This album came out in 2014, but the vinyl didn't come out until 2015)
04. Cuticle - Mind Holding Pattern Lp (Not Not Fun)
[YouTube Video For "Geometric Narrative"]
(This album came out in 2014, but i picked up the vinyl in 2015, and i really liked it, so deal.)

03. Santiago Salazar - Chicanismo Lp (Love What You Feel)
[YouTube Video For "Vario 2 Vario"]
02. Kamasi Washington - The Epic 3xLp (Brainfeeder)
[YouTube Video For "Re Run Home"]

01. Floating Points - Elaenia Lp (Pluto)
[YouTube Video For "Silhouettes"]

I never get any feedback from these lists, but, as always, I invite your comments. Did you discover something here you love? What was your favorite album of the year?

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The Cheebacabra said...

Thanks man! I'll have to check out some of the other albums on your list.