Monday, July 11, 2016

Record Scores - Gotta Collect Em All Edition

MC Melodee X Cookin Soul - My Tape Deck Lp (Jakarta)
The Harold Danko Quartet Featuring Gregory Herbert - S/T Lp (Inner City)
Byron The Aquarius - Euphoria EP 12" (Sampling As An Art)
Reggie Dokes - The Return EP 12" (Psychostasia)
Andres - Mighty Tribe 12" (La Vida)
Elaine Brown - Seise The Time! Black Panther Party Lp (Vault)
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - S/T EP 12" (Ace Of Hearts)
Makaya McCraven - In The Moment 2xLp (International Anthem Recording Company)
Makaya McCraven - In The Moment E & F Sides Lp (International Anthem Recording Company)